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2013er Riesling trocken St. Remigiusberg – Weingut Tesch

Tesch von der Nahe ans Herz legen. Stephan Reinhardt ist bei Parker’s WineAdvocate nun mehr für die Weine aus Deutschland zuständig und hat auch die 2013er Weine von Martin Tesch bewertet. Stellvertretend für die brillante und messerscharfe 2013er Kollektion von Martin Tesch, empfehlen wir heute:

2013er Riesling St. Remigiusberg – Weingut Tesch

"From one of the smallest single-vineyard sites in the Nahe Valley the Laubenheimer 2013 Riesling trocken Remigiusberg is a noble and elegant representative from one of the top sites of the lower Nahe River. Located next to the Karthäuser the soils are dominated by volcanic rocks and iron-rich clay. Lovely pure and subtle aromas of ripe apples on volcanic ash on the nose are followed by a clear, intense, juicy and very elegant as well as balanced palate of a medium to full-bodied wine of great expression and finesse. The racy acidity is very fine and well integrated into the classic body, which is neither too fat nor too poor but just right. At this price this is definitely a wine to buy."

"Sorry, we only produce Riesling trocken," says Martin Tesch – and left the VDP earlier in 2014. The Nahe section of Germany's elitist union of Predicate Wine Producers does not only promote the dry Grosses Gewächs Rieslings but also underlines the value of Spätlese and higher, and sweeter, Prädikatsweine. Tesch, however, does neither produce any Grosses Gewächs (though his five single-vineyard wines such as Löhrer Berg, Karthäuser or Remigiusberg would be worth classified as such) nor a single Prädikatswein. All his wines are Qualitätswein trocken since he – like all the VDP members – was not allowed to name his dry wines with the classic German predicates, i.e. Kabinett trocken or Spätlese trocken. Thus, Tesch indicates them as Qualitäswein, although they have never been chaptalized or otherwise manipulated. "We bottle our wines as they were grown," says Tesch whose first programmatic Ri esling trocken was the Riesling Unplugged in 2002. Also, today this is a light-bodied, very pure, straight and racy, authentic Nahe Riesling with an ascetic, almost austere character. Formerly bottled as Kabinett trocken it became a great success story not only in Germany. Due to its uncomplicated, thirst-quenching character this wine (or special bottlings such as "Wacken" or the Tote Hosen selection "Mach mal lauter") is also served at rock festivals such as the bizarre but world famous hard rock festival in the tiny village of Wacken in northern Germany. "We have attracted new consumers all over the world," says Tesch. Whereas the VDP often promotes "the best thing of a wine tasting is the beer afterwards" Tesch prefers to say: "Save water, drink wine." His 2013s are not as much as convincing as his 2012s were but in their purity and straightforwardness these are true representatives of the 2013 vintage and as such typical Tesch wines which will make their way into the clubs and bars from Langenlonsheim over Hamburg and Berlin to capitals like London, New York and Tokyo."
91+/100 Punkte - Trinkreife: 2015-2026

Parker Bewertungen hin oder her – ein Wein dieser Preisklasse mit so einer Authentizität und Rasse und so einer verdienten Bewertung, das muss Martin Tesch erstmal einer nachmachen!

2013er Riesling trocken St. Remigiusberg – Weingut Tesch 14,50€

2012er Riesling trocken St. Remigiusberg – Weingut Tesch 14 €

Ein hervorragender Wein, leider schon ausverkauft!

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